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London-Close Strategy

The London Close Strategy

Scalping forex with a win rate over 90% while keeping average wins larger than average losses, this could well be the one that fits you like a glove!

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Stop Losing Tomorrow

Five Steps to Stop Losing Tomorrow

Here’s the Secret to ‘Overnight Success’! One of the recurring themes in the emails people send is that they are stuck in a cycle of winning a few trades but then ultimately losing the lot. Some of them are looking for a strategy, others for advice on what time of day is best to trade […]

Automate Price Action Trading

Can You Automate Price Action Trading?

Yes you can, and at the bottom of this post I show an example! Is it really possible to automate price action trading? Say you have gone to the trouble of learning – correctly – the principles underlying price action trading, and have selected or devised a strategy based on these principles. Can you put […]

Time of Day Trading Indicator

The Most Important Trading Parameter

Time of Day This week’s topic concerns what I consider to be one of the most important considerations when approaching your daily trading session. The issue of what time of day covers the hours you trade is critical due to two related factors: Liquidity and Volatility. It’s not such an issue for swing and longer […]

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