Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common problem in males. However, there can be various reasons as to why it happens. In certain cases, the experts have mixed opinions. However, most of the reports suggest that it occurs due to the natural process of aging. It’s equally important to mention that most of the cases are treatable. Only in some rare cases, you will be required to seek radical medical attention. In addition to that, the treatment will matter and depend from person to person. So, in this regard, your doctor needs full access to your medical file to ascertain the causes and treatment.


Medication in ED will mean a lot of things. There are modern ways or you can also go for herbal methods. However, the best of them all is erectile dysfunction tablets. It’s equally important to mention that you are no to take the high dose medication without consulting your doctor. The medical expert will need an evaluation of your condition, and based on that, he will prescribe the medicine. In addition to that, in many cases, the doctor will recommend you to go for therapy sessions.


Viagra has been a name in treating Erectile Dysfunction for a long time. The medication is medically approved and has proven to be the best. Besides that, the successful survival and popularity in the medical field itself exemplify its quality. You can take an initial dose, however, if that doesn’t work, then only you can go for the higher one. However, make sure that you consult with the doctor before you proceed.


What Is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil is an effective medication that helps the penis to maintain an erection. In other words, it opens up the blood vessels, eases them, and the required blood flow reaches the organ. This will sustain the erection for sexual intercourse. You can either inject it or take it in the mount. Most of the experts suggest that you take a minimum of 25mg dosage.

Taking Sildenafil 100mg

You have to be very careful with the high dosage. However, if the initial doses don’t work, your doctor may ask you to. In that case, you can go ahead. In other cases, it’s best to start with 50mg. in addition to that, if you find that the medication isn’t working, then it would be best to consult the doctor. There can be psychological reasons as well. Furthermore, the 100mg Sildenafil has proven to be stronger than the 50mg.


Seventy percent of the users have witnessed positive outcomes for Vardenafil. It’s completely safe, and the best in the market to try. Though it may mirror the effects of Sildenafil, it sure is better than Viagra. Be careful about the dosage, and consult a doctor if there are any other reasons.


Erectile Dysfunction is common and treatable. Once you identify the problem, then your treatment will start. You will need to consult your doctor to chalk out a plan, and a little adjustment will resolve most of your issues.

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