Imagine You Know

  • Where Price Will Turn
  • When Price Will Turn
  • How Far Price Will Then Run
    ... Every time you go to trade &
    ... You have the Turning Points automatically plotted on    
         your charts AHEAD of time!
    The Price Action Engine is all about watching and trading off the major levels where the Big Dog traders are active.
    The Big Dogs are NOT interested in fancy indicators, intellectual theories, complicated strategies or whatever! These people are Deadly Serious and Deadly Accurate. They move the market like no one else and we can share in their immense wealth if we trade along with them!
    The Price Action Engine gives you:
    1) The Inside Knowledge the Big Dogs use to make their 
         massive profits!
    2) The one Essential Indicator that plots their moves ahead
        of time!

"I love the way the course is laid out and how simple you have made it..."

Cindi Jones

“Erron, just wanted to take a minute to tell you thanks for the information you provide.  It's hard to find reputable sources and without a doubt your site is my #1 go to for taking my trading to the next level. 

Your course relays the information in a simple fashion and allowed me to see candles from a different angle.  Your MT4 addins are awesome and your no B.S. approach to Forex is just what many of us newbies need.   Thanks again.”

Mike Hood

"Hi Erron, I am really glad that I have finally found a community led by someone like you - eager to share his experience and willing to help others"


The first thing that drew my attention was your writing style and language mastery. It was a real pleasure to read your thoughts after all that boring repetitive stuff that I read before"


I was impressed by the work you do to inform the innocent hard working traders that get scammed"

Michael Kabaria

I just wanted to say thank you for what you are doing...helping beginners out and sharing your wisdom. Keep up the great work we really appreciate it."

Martin Lewis

As a beginning trader you have no idea what this information and tips you share with fill in gaps in my understanding of the forex market. You sure have been a great resource.  I totally appreciate your kindness. "

Beatrice Sheperd

How This Whole Thing Got Started

I’ve been trading over 10 years now, and a few years back made the decision to set down all I knew and had learned, in an effort to help other traders, as well as crystallise ideas and the market's many instructive lessons, in my own mind. Most of all, I wanted to pinpoint…


From all the courses, seminars and so on I had done, and most especially, the many thousands of hours spent sitting in front of charts trading, I began to distill the essentials. By this stage I was well armed for the task, having progressed through those stages surviving traders endure.  Each stage had layered its many lessons in a sequential and building manner.

But the one WATERSHED moment came when I threw away everything I'd been told was essential and just concentrated on what I'd learned about RAW PRICE ACTION!

Most teachers of Price Action Trading preach that it's all about simplicity, i.e. stripping the indicators from your charts (although they usually substitute them with their own half-baked indicators or magical candle formulas.) They are at best, only half right.

The sort of Price Action I’m talking about is what I trade – and teach – these days. This is where you strip all the non-performing baggage off your charts and - armed with a detailed knowledge of what actually drives the market - trade the raw movements of price:

1) At the right time
2) Using the right currency pairs
3) With the right risk parameters etc.
4) And most especially, trading off the secret levels where the Big Dog traders hunt! (And just a note here: the Paleo indicator that  comes as a bonus to the course automatically plots these on your MetaTrader charts!)

When I first adopted this approach it felt like invisible chains that had been wrapped around me, fell at my feet. As I emptied my mind of all the parameters, signals and triggers that were jumping out of all the indicators I had choking my charts, and incorporated the fundamental price action knowledge I had gained, price revealed how it moved in an organic manner, and how it acted and reacted throughout a trading session.

In a relatively short space of time I began to feel I had finally entered the world of the market as an active participant in control of my destiny, rather than the confused and locked-out observer I'd always felt like in the past.

That is the way I want YOU to feel when YOU trade, and I am certain that if you take this course and apply it correctly, it is how you WILL feel!


– The background behind the course, its goals and the general syllabus.

– Let's get started right with this primer on the anatomy of price formation, based on the forex candlestick.

– The who, what and why behind price movement. I'll show you price dynamics so you'll know WHERE price will react, and be able to trade at those levels with confidence.

– Learn to recognise the beginnings of a price spike
– Learn to predict price spikes even before they start
– Learn when and where they will likely end, and the three ways you can trade them.
– Learn what market gaps are, their inherent dangers and the opportunities they provide.

If you’ve ever been given grief by sudden, savage movements in the market, this lesson will show you why it happens and how you can profit – not lose – from these moves.

Absolutely Critical in any discussion of price action.

– When and when not to use indicators
– Which ones to avoid
– Which ones you SHOULD be using, and their limitations as well as benefits.
– How the Paleo indicator empowers your trading as the ultimate, all-in-one tool to trade Price Action. The only indicator you really need!

– There are levels in the market where price will almost certainly react, where the Big Dog traders will be moving large orders. If you can plot these ahead of time – and this lesson shows how to do it automatically – you will be one step ahead of the game.

– Learn the best practice for approaching your trading week, then trading through it, and finally how to wrap it up in such a way that you will be off to a confident, flying start at the beginning of your next week.

– Learn the correct approach to strategy testing and evaluation, as well as finding and trading that one special strategy that really is perfectly tailored to your own unique situation.

– There is no point giving someone a fishing rod if you don’t teach them how to fish. The videos in this section cover sample trades based on what you will have learnt in the course, so that you can follow along and see the Price Action Engine in action.

– So now that you’ve learnt what drives the market, and have a much better idea of your unique position in it, where do you go and what do you do next? There is a very specific chain of steps you will learn in this lesson, that will set you up for future success.

PLUS The BONUS TOOLS You Need To Trade Price Action!

I don't just show you the inside secrets on who runs the market and how to trade along with them. I also give you the one essential tool you need to plot their moves ahead of time: The Paleo Indicator. See the Paleo Indicator explanatory video at right for more info.

I also include as a bonus a Trading Log Spreadsheet for you to log your trades. I had this spreadsheet specifically designed for use with this course. Use the resulting data for the metrics you need to refine and adjust your approach. An essential tool for any trader.

As well, you get the 10 Best Forex Strategies in handy PDF format, as well as the AuthenticFX Candlestick Glossary, which shows you how to trade the 12 most important candlestick patterns.

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