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Trading is a Head Game!

You've probably heard that trading is a head game: what trips us up in manual trading is the many tricks our mind plays on us, or more specifically, our EMOTIONS play on us. This forces us into making the wrong decision again and again, often against our better judgement.

Modern science is confirming that the various levels of the brain, right down to the brainstem that controls automatic reflexes like breathing, fight or flight responses and so on, all contain memories of the life we have lived, both good and bad. Good memories result in pleasant recall. The problem is the bad experiences, which continually pressure us and often drive our present day choices.

This is where automated trading systems – FOREX ROBOTS – come into play. The robots in the AuthenticFX Forex Robots Club are all designed and proven using specialised, automated "Quant" software. This takes human emotion out of decision-making, resulting in cleaner trade entries and exits, and ultimately, more profit for those prone to emotional trading.

Free Yourself from Screen Prison!

Even if you avoid the destructive habit of emotional trading, for one reason or another you might find yourself with not enough time to trade manually.

Perhaps your day job leaves you exhausted, or you can't trade the most profitable hours of the day, or you just plain HATE sitting in front of trading charts for hours at a time.

Then again, maybe you just want to add automated systems to your manual trading, like having a 'buddy' to trade along with - and for - you.

Whatever the reason, wouldn't it be nice to have a system that has proven itself, trading for you 24 hours a day? This is the real attraction of automated trading: an unemotional robot that never tires, watches the market and executes your trades perfectly every time.


Don't be a Slave to your Trading...

In this crazy world the pace of life seems to be increasing every year. If you're finding yourself short of time to the extent that manual trading has become stressful, consider this: you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends and loved ones to somehow find a way to step back and spend that time with them!

Successful traders know that trading proven forex robots is one effective way to do this.

Nothing beats the feeling of
making money while you SLEEP!

What You GET:

    • TWO proven, successful robots to START YOU OFF:

      1) By special arrangement I've managed to get the rights to fx-43, whose verified track record of over 100% profit can be viewed here:

      AuthenticFX Forex Robots Club Robot: FX-43

      2) I'm also including the first of my own quant system produced robots, and you can view its track record here (n.b. these robots trade on TINY lot sizes, you can achieve more with larger lot sizes):

      AuthenticFX Forex Robots Club Robot: AFX-21340
    • A new ​PROVEN Robot for you EVERY Month!
    • I welcome feedback from all club members to discuss the robots under test, recommend commercial robots for club consideration etc.
    • Special discount deals on other commercial robots from time to time​​​

Check out the following video to see what can be achieved trading a suite of proven, successful forex robots over time:


Feedback on Erron Adams and Authenticfx

"I need to say that i had purchased numerous tutorials in the past spending more than 3000 USD and most of them were complicated and given me poor results eventually losing me 10000 USD over a period of 4 Years. Thank god there are people like you to help other traders." - EMAIL

"In this internet age where marketers promise the world and deliver nothing, it's nice to see an honest and no nonsense product. A friend recommended your program and blog and I don't think I will have any problem recommending them to others as well." - EMAIL

"Thank you so much for always being there for traders all over the world, it is so humbling to see how you dedicate your life to help us make it" - EMAIL

"Hello Erron! You're amazing. I feel honored coming in contact with you" - EMAIL

"I'm excited to learn and finally found a mentor that tells it honestly how it's going to be." - BLOG COMMENT

"Great stuff Erron very truthful stuff I like your honesty" - EMAIL

"I must say it is very hard to come across an honest and realistic forex teacher like you, and would like to show appreciation for what you do. I am eager to learn everything you have to offer" - BLOG COMMENT

"Erron I do not know if I am dreaming or not but you seem very genuine and open about forex as opposed to other sites or people" - EMAIL

​"I've enjoyed reading your material and congratulate you on the way its been presented and it's by far the best material I have read to date" - EMAIL

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Erron Adams Forex Trader AuthenticFX.com

About Erron Adams

Trader & Forex Robot Creator

“Like most traders who eventually succeed I have spent my fair share of nights lying awake in bed staring at the ceiling”

I've been trading since 2004, first in share trading, then moving to forex exclusively in 2007. For many years I struggled to nail down the essentials of consistent success in forex trading. Sometime around 2012 I finally managed to pinpoint:


I had also been dabbling with commercial forex robots, with mixed success. I soon realised most of the commercial offerings were a con job, and could never be relied upon for consistent earnings.

But in the last couple of years I discovered several automated "Quant" tools for developing my own robots. These tools not only create robots, but offer a wide range of tests for proving robot strategy robustness into the future.

Using these tools, plus my manual trading experience, plus the considerable research I'd done on commercial robots, plus what I'd learnt through manually developing my own robots, I was able to quickly create an extensive suite of strategies to be live tested.

This is now my main focus as a forex trader: developing, refining and trading robust forex robots.