Forex Candlesticks Course


1. Avoiding Bad Trades, &

2. Jumping on Good Ones as soon as they appear!

This course shows you HOW by revealing the 7 Things You MUST Know about Forex Candlesticks!

Forex Candlesticks are the Market Pulse, defining current PRICE ACTION and the MARKET SENTIMENT that is driving price action…

Once you see how candlesticks are the FOUNDATION BLOCKS on which price movement builds, their power will become YOUR power!

That power is the bow in your hand to score the two BULLSEYES of Trading!

What's in this COURSE:

  • 7 MUST KNOW Candlestick lessons
  • BONUS 1: Authentic FX Forex Candlesticks Patterns PDF
  • BONUS 2: Esoteric Candlestick lessons
  • BONUS 3: Two Great Metatrader Candlestick Indicators to get you started (INCLUDING My #1 Killer Pattern Indicator with alerts functionality, see Must Know lesson 7 below).


The following lessons round out the 7 Must Knows of Forex Candlesticks...

Must Know 1

Candlestick Introduction

The first lesson introduces forex candlesticks and demonstrates their CRITICAL difference from the candlesticks of other markets.

Must Know 2

Candlestick Addition

Often regarded as being one of the secrets of reading candlestick charts. What is this concept and how does it relate to Russian Dolls? Advanced candlestick education begins with this simple but effective technique...

Must Know 3

Multiple Time Frame Candlestick Charts

How to correctly gather information from several time frames and get an eagle's eye view of the action…

Must Know 4

Forex Candle Bodies & Wicks

Some traders swear by the candle wick while others stick to the bodies. Truth is both have their place… Distinguishing between the wick of the candle and the body is extremely important in forex trading.

Must Know 5

Completed Candlestick Patterns

If we are stalking a trade, watching for a candlestick pattern to complete, our mind can play tricks on us. This is a psychological phenomenon based on the way our brains work. Learn the remedy for this dangerous tendency.

PLUS BONUS Candle Time Indicator to tell when pattern is complete! (see below)

Must Know 6

Continuation Patterns in Forex

The same set of forex candlesticks can represent either a trend reversal or a trend continuation. Being able to recognise both doubles your opportunities as a trader…

Must Know 7

Rejection Bar Candlestick

My absolute, number one, DYNAMITE forex candlestick pattern (if you can call something so simple a pattern). Used with just one or two other signals, you could restrict your trading of candlesticks to this single pattern and absolutely KILL the market!

PLUS BONUS Hammer Indicator that automatically plots the pattern on your charts and can be configured to send alerts when it happens! (see below)

"I want to say that the work you are doing is GOLD. Pointing new, and even experienced, traders in the right direction is the way to go. I believe those who listen to your advice will only profit handsomely. Keep up the good work."



Forex Candlesticks Course

Bonus 1: AuthenticFX Forex Candlesticks Patterns PDF…

Master the 12 major candlestick patterns… clicking each thumbnail will take you to a separate page that gives detailed analysis of the candlestick pattern in question:

1) A description of the individual candles involved in each pattern
2) The underlying psychological and fundamental processes at work in the formation of the pattern
3) Consideration of possible trade entry points after confirmation of the pattern
- $30 value, FREE!

Bonus 2: Trading the Doji, Dark Cloud Cover and Other Esoteric Candlestick Patterns

Learn the Doji and add this powerful signal to your traders toolbox
PLUS Master the Dark Cloud Cover, Three Black Crows, Rising and Falling Threes and esoteric candlestick patterns generally…

Bonus 3: AuthenticFX Hammer Indicator PLUS Candle Time Indicator

AuthenticFX Hammer Indicator: identifies and/or alerts when any candle meets your criteria for a Pinbar/Hammer/Rejection candle. Fully configurable. See the AuthenticFX Hammer Indicator at the AuthenticFXShop.
- $40 value, FREE!

Candle Time Indicator: this indicator shows how much time is left before the current candle completes, thereby confirming the current candle pattern. Absolutely essential in assessing candlestick patterns, as only completed candles count. See the Candle Time Indicator at the AuthenticFXShop.
- $20 value, FREE!

My Story with Forex Candlesticks

Erron Adams Forex Trader

When I first started trading, candlesticks were a complete MYSTERY to me. There was obviously something going on behind the scenes that I just couldn't grasp, some all-powerful secret known only to the MASTERS of trading.

Well, after years of study, research and trading, I can say that my original instinct was right: forex candlesticks are ABSOLUTELY KEY to understanding price action around the timeframe on which they occur.

This short, easy course will teach you those ESSENTIAL facts about forex candlesticks that I collected in my study. I guarantee you will come away from this course with a far greater understanding of candlesticks and how they relate to the underlying fundamentals and forex price action.

Erron Adams,

Save Money & Avoid Heart Failure: Learn from My Experience!

Look, it cost me many thousands of dollars to learn this stuff! Money that I blew on scam forex educators. Money that I blew trading crazy systems not based on price action! And just all the money I spent refining my own strategies over the years, until I found WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN'T WORK IN FOREX TRADING!

The asking price for this knowledge represents a tiny investment, to ensure you don't make the same mistakes I did, and to ensure you DO what you need to do in order to both save, and make money in your forex trading. I honestly don't want you to suffer the learning curve I did!

And if all that isn't enough to convince you, just add up the individual purchase prices of the bonuses attached to this course:

AuthenticFX Forex Candlestick Chart – $30
AuthenticFX Hammer indicator – $40
Candle Time Indicator – $20

$90 value in FREE bonuses for a $79 course!

Credit Card or Paypal Welcome!