Trading Recurring Forex Patterns with Vic Noble & Shirley Hudson

Six recurring patterns in the forex market that can be traded consistently and profitably, across all timeframes, time zones and currency pairs…

Recurring Forex Patterns

Recurring Forex Patterns course with Vic Noble & Shirley Hudson

Anyone who is more than a casual reader of my posts will know I am a big fan of both Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson. I trust them, believe them to be “authentic” and have no hesitation in recommending their products.

The Recurring Forex Patterns course is actually a trading system consisting of six strategies. In contrast to more finely focused offerings such as the London Close Strategy, the RFP offers traders the following flexibilities:

  • it can be traded across all currency pairs
  • it can be traded across all time zones
  • it can be traded in any timeframe

The six strategies covered should give any trader ample choice in constructing their own tailored approach. I have used every strategy covered in this course, and confirm that they are truly proven, profitable forex trading strategies.

The six recurring forex patterns strategies are:

  • Overlapping Fibonacci trades.
  • Trading the Confluence of a Big Figure and Noble Entry
  • Trading the Confluence of Fibonacci Levels, Pivots and Noble Entry
  • Fibonacci Extension Retracement entries
  • Trading MACD Divergences
  • The Vic Trade

Readers of this site will be familiar with several of the concepts outlined above. These are all time tested approaches to trading the forex market, but they are rarely covered in sufficient detail for a trader to be able to pick them up and run with them. Vic and Shirley explain each strategy thoroughly and simply, to get you up and started, to make you familiar with the principles involved and get you comfortably trading each in next to no time.

For those of you unfamiliar with terms like Noble Entry and the Vic Trade, these are techniques and strategies discovered and honed by Vic Noble over his many years as a forex trader. As I say, I have used both and they are incredibly powerful tools.

Apart from the six Recurring Patterns that form the core of the course, other topics covered include Risk Management, Entries and Exits, Understanding the Trading Environment, Psychological Considerations and the basics of a Trading Plan.

There are also several bonus resources included with this course: The Noble Entry Course itself, The Forex Support and Resistance Levels Course, follow-up webinars to the original release of the recurring forex patterns course, over 80 sample pattern trading videos, plus several PDFs and Excel spreadsheets covering things like Pair Personalities, daily trade logs, day trade environment factors, blank trading plans and journals etc.

In short, this really is a comprehensive forex trading system course, as opposed to simply one or two strategies that you could trade. For someone who does not want to be restricted to trading any one particular timeframe or pair, who needs maximum flexibility in their trading and maximum choice of approach, The Recurring Forex Patterns Course is a must to consider!

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Recurring Forex Patterns with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson

Recurring Forex Patterns with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson


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