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London-Close Strategy

The London Close Strategy

Scalping forex with a win rate over 90% while keeping average wins larger than average losses, this could well be the one that fits you like a glove!

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The Hippie Long Hair and the Old Soldier having a laugh together in the mid 70s.

1915 to 2015: A Personal Perspective

This post is very different from those I normally write. Apart from the last paragraph or so, where I attempt to tie it all in to an important lesson I’ve learned in trading, it has nothing to do with the usual forex trading posts published here. So those of you who are only looking for […]

broker hunting stops

Is My Broker Hunting Stops?

Do you feel like a sitting duck when your stops get hit? If you’re with a half-way decent broker, it’s unlikely to be a case of your broker hunting stops.

Broker Spreads Analysis

Broker Spreads Analysis

The trouble with most broker spreads analysis is that it’s rarely comprehensive, and usually or at least quite often, done by amateurs. The following post is derived from a submission by Tradeproofer, who many of you will know from a recent post entitled “Do Trading Robots Really Make a Profit?“ The full coverage of the […]


Forex Trading Truth

You shouldn’t have to work your guts out for 50 years to have a comfortable retirement. But almost every human is brainwashed with this belief from birth..

Breaking free from the office job: fact or fantasy?

Trading for a Living

Trading for a Living: A Conversation with a New Trader. Is it really possible to give up the hated day job and trade forex for a living?

MetaTrader Market Scanner

MetaTrader Market Scanner

Hi traders, you may recall a recent post I did on Steve Norman’s site  entitled Free Forex Indicators You Can Trust. I’ve been checking out another service that Steve provides, the Market Omni Scanner. If you’ve been looking for free technical analysis software (and this one comes with an extremely cheap subscription to the premium […]


Guest Post From A Forex Swing Trader

I was recently contacted by a swing trader (Duane Shepherd) with an interesting methodology based around high probability Candlestick patterns on the daily and four hour charts. We exchanged a few emails and, in the spirit of AuthenticFX being primarily a forum for forex traders to discover their own, one unique strategy for trading the […]